Friday, January 3, 2014

Places To Experience Wilderness Around Bangalore

“Love to watch peacocks dancing in the grounds, elephants trumpeting in the verdant woods, monkeys jumping from one branch of a tree to another or a shy barking deer walking in an elegant manner? If you are in love with the wilderness, Bangalore and nearby areas are no less than an empyrean for you!”

To have an escape from the humdrum of prosaic life and hustle bustle of the city, you can plan a trip to the mesmerizing land of Bangalore. It is, renowned as ‘Silicon Valley’ and is a well known doorway to many wildlife sanctuaries covered with exotic flora and fauna. These sanctuaries make Bangalore and its nearby regions highly admired amongst the tourists. Here are a few awesome places in and around Bangalore, where you can experience an amazing  sight of wildlife:

 Bandipur National Park

·         Bandipur National Park: Bandipur National Park is an awe-inspiring wildlife center located in the district of Chamarajanagar near Bangalore. This National Park comes   under the Project Tiger. This captivating place is the first biosphere reserve in India and comes under the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The breathtaking wildlife of the national park consists of various rare animals like the Hornbill, Sambar, Giant Squirrel, Elephants, Partridges, Deers, Wild Dogs, Sloth Beer, Pea Fowl, Four Horned Antelope and many more.

Bannerghatta National Park

·  Bannerghatta National Park: It is one of the must visit wildlife parks in Bangalore. Bannerghatta National Park covers ten reserve forests of Anekal range that comes under the Bangalore Forest Division. The national park is spread across an extensive area of about 104.27 square kilometers. Bannerghatta is well known as an abode for a wide assortment of flora and fauna, especially for its lion and tiger safari. It is positioned at a distance of 22 kilometers from Bangalore and includes a zoo,  museum and many conservatories. The park boasts an exquisite amount of birds and animals and therefore is a treat for the children and animal lovers.

Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary

·     Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary: Kokkare Bellur is situated in the district of Mandya, near busy Bangalore-Mysore highway. This bird sanctuary abodes many rare species of avifauna and is one of the very few nesting grounds of many endangered bird species like the Spot Billed Pelicans, Painted Storks, Little Cormants, Black Ibis and Pond Herons. It is really inspirational to see the relationship that the local habitants of Mandya share with these birds.

Bangalore is indeed one of the most eventful cities of India. It attracts all types of tourists and the same goes with wildlife aficionados as well. The wildlife places around Bangalore gives wildlife freaks a wonderful experience- unquestionably full of contentment! 


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